Discover more about the role of Women in the Armenian Church. 

Armenia is believed to be the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion at the beginning of the fourth century. During its formative years, the Armenian ecclesiastical authorities relied on Greek and Syriac religious literature to introduce Christianity to the country's mostly Zoroastrian population. As a result, the works of the Greek and Syrian Church Fathers significantly influenced the formation and development of Armenian Christian theological thought. However, the Armenian church held a markedly distinct position concerning women's roles and position in society.

This talk will explore the discourse of the early church regarding women and provide an overview of how the Greek and Syrian Church Fathers approached this subject in their writings. It will also examine the stance of Armenian authors on this issue and expound on the reasons for their divergent approach. This analysis will seek to provide a nuanced understanding of the role of women in the Armenian Church and contribute to ongoing discussions on gender and religion.

Speaker | Dr David ZakarianUniversity of Oxford 

When | Thursday 12 October, 7.30pm – c.9pm

Where | St Albans Cathedral and Online via Zoom Webinar 

Cost | £10 (£6 students)


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