Congregational giving

The Cathedral is almost completely self-funding. We do not charge for entry. We do not have large historic reserves or income from assets. We rely on the sacrificial generosity of the congregation and those who visit us. We are all called to give what we can in response to what God has given us.

The Congregational Giving Team is responsible for encouraging the giving from the Cathedral congregation. There are many ways to give generously and in a tax efficient way.

Stewardship Sunday takes place on 6th October and acts as a focus for individuals to review their giving. The theme for this year is "Giving for Growth".

Click below to learn more on how to give responsibly and regularly.

Download Congregational Giving Form (PDF)

As part of the Cathedral’s contribution to the work and mission of other charities, 10% of congregational giving is distributed each year. The Congregational Giving Team, as well as encouraging giving, also advises on the choice of the groups and organisations we are able to support. Through the generous giving of the Abbey’s congregations, the Cathedral is able to distribute over £40,000 to outside organisations and mission charities.

Please support the work of the Abbey if you can. And thank you.

Please talk to any member of the Congregational Giving Committee if you would like to understand more about regular giving. Our Stewardship Recorders will be happy to talk through any aspects of the Congregational Giving Form.

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