Parish groups

There are many parish groups that are part of the common life of the Abbey. You are welcome at any of these groups.

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team organise social events for the congregation. These are important to help us all get to know each other better. If we know each other better, we can care for each other better. So the Pastoral Team is also responsible for the Pastoral Network, literally a network of those who belong to the Abbey community and named people throughout St Albans who care for their locality as Abbey Neighbours.

There are also five Lay Pastoral Assistants who work with the clergy in visiting, taking Communion to the housebound and in general pastoral care.

The Root Group are young people preparing for selection to the ordained ministry. Each year two or three ‘Roots’ live in community working with our pastoral, children and young people and education teams.

Lunch clubs

Every Monday and on some other days of the week a lunch club of our more elderly folk meets in the Abbot's Kitchen. Over good food friendship is shared and people can be cared for. Volunteers help to serve each meal and to befriend the members.


Members of our congregation assist with leading our readings and prayers of intercession at the 9.30am Parish Eucharist. The readers and intercessors are supported by the clergy. If you would like to find our more, do speak to a member of Cathedral Clergy after one of our services.

The guide for intercessors is available to download below.

Guidance for Intercessors (PDF)

House Groups

House groups provide an informal setting and space in which members of the congregation study part of the Bible or related literature. The groups study as they wish and are supported by the cathedral clergy. They meet throughout the year in the informal setting of individuals’ homes, and number anything between four to twelve members. Some groups meet in the mornings, others in the evening; weekly, fortnightly or monthly.**

Members of the groups seek to follow these principles:

  • We are all on a journey and nobody knows all the answers;
  • We respect each others’ views;
  • We express our own opinions with generosity and gentleness;
  • We give space for all to share their thoughts or remain silent, as each individual chooses;
  • We respect the confidentiality of any personal information that is shared.

Key benefits include:

  • A comfortable environment in which to get to know other members of the congregation;
  • Spiritual growth with the opportunity to discuss the scriptures;
  • The discipline of regular in depth Bible study;
  • Fun and mutual support.

If you are interested in joining, hosting or leading a house group please speak to one of the clergy or contact Dawn Knight
e-mail:; Tel: 01727 840805.

** Information about House Groups meeting in 2016/17 can be found here

Meditation Groups

There are currently two sessions of meditation each week at the Cathedral. Everyone is welcome at either session, and there is no charge.

Mondays (not in August) 7.30-8.15pm a silent meditation group which is affiliated to the World Community of Christian Meditation meets in the Studio in Sumpter Yard. Sessions open and close with a brief prayer or teaching. For more information about the WCCM, please see This session is followed, fortnightly, by a contemplative study of the gospel, lectio divina, until 9pm. Anyone is welcome to come to either or both.

The Studio (near the entrance to Sumpter Yard from Holywell Hill) is also open for silent meditation between 8.30-9am on Fridays (not in August)

If you would like more information, please contact David Robinson at

Textile Guild

We are pleased to have a gifted and dedicated guild of sewers and embroiderers who help beautify the Abbey. Their work ranges from running repairs to clergy cassocks to intricate work on glorious vestments. They meet each Thursday in the Thicknesse Room in the Deanery.

Afternoon Fellowship

Offering simple friendship and social opportunities the Afternoon Fellowship meet monthly for input and refreshments. They provide an opportunity for older members of the congregation to come together.

Meetings in 2017 will be in the Chapter Room in the Deanery on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm. Further information may be obtained from Paul Jellings 01727 869236, Joyce Winn 01727 867625 or Lynda Lane 01727 762617.

June 7th: Vincent Woodstock, 'Building Organs'

July 5th: Arun Kataria, 'Behind the News'

September 6th: Helena O'Sullivan, 'Marketing the Abbey: Keeping up with the Internet and Social Media' 

October 4th: TBC

November 1st: TBC

December 6th: Christmas Social Meeting

Abbey Women's Group

This vibrant and friendly group welcomes all women in the congregation to meet regularly in good company for fun and support.  All women are welcome to be involved whether they have been coming to the Abbey for a while, have recently joined or would just like the excuse for an evening out.  They run a full programme of monthly events ranging from local social evenings out to craft events and talks on specific topics of interest to the group.

Download Abbey Women's Group Leaflet

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St Albans has one of the most historic peel of bells in the world. There is a dedicated band of ringers who practice on a Tuesdays evening and ring for worship every weekend and on special occasions. Full training is provided.

Flower Guild

Every Friday the Abbey is bustling with the workers of the Flower Guild. Their work glorifies God through the gifts of his creation, helping with worship and pleasing the visitor.

Mothers Union

As part of the worldwide Mothers Union this group has an important role promoting family life. The Abbey Mothers Union takes on several significant projects each year to support a wide range of mission and ministry. One of it's main projects is supporting the St Albans Child Contact Centre. Click here for more information or e-mail:


Each second Sunday there is a Traidcraft stall available after the Parish Eucharist.


For details on any of the groups please contact Anthea Bickerstaff in the Cathedral Office, 01727 890233 or

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