As well as its everyday trails and workshops, the Learning Department has a range of exciting events taking place throughout the year for all age groups and Key Stages. 

  • September: Roman Festival 
  • October: Speak Your Mind - Sixth Form Debate
  • November/December: Christmas Trails & Workshops
  • January: Roman Festival
  • February: Scripture Roadshow
  • March: Science Festival
  • March/April: Easter Trails and Workshops
  • June/July: Year 6 Pilgrimage & Transition Days

To find out more about any of these events, see below, contact us on 01727 890212 or at [email protected]

Roman Festival 

Ideal for Key Stage 2, pupils have the chance to take part in three specially tailored Roman workshops, as well as meeting our very own Roman Soldier!! Pupils will take part in three exciting activities, including:

- Alban and the Romans trail: learning about everyday life in the Roman town of Verulamium, including the life of St Alban 

- Roman Food workshop: creating and sampling some wonderful delicacies using ancient Roman recipes

- Artefact Blanket Dig: going back in time from the present, via the Saxons to the Roman period, and having the opportunity to explore and handle various artefacts on the way

Speak Your Mind 

Our Sixth Form Debate is being relaunched this Autumn 2021 as a virtual event with an environmental theme. 

The food on your plate – who pays the price?

This subject is intended to engage students in debate about the environmental impact of food production and the often-conflicting needs of the population both at home and globally. It will be a great introduction to one of the key areas of environmental debate and will prepare students with valuable background knowledge in advance of COP26 which takes place in November in Glasgow.


What better place to learn about Christmas with your pupils than at the Cathedral? Ideal for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, our interactive trail and workshops provide the perfect introduction to understanding why the festivals of Advent and Christmas are important to Christians. (Also available as an Outreach session)

Science Festival

Our new science festival will appeal to Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. Using a combination of external speakers/experts, the Cathedral building, hands on experiments and discussion, pupils will have the chance to explore a variety of scientific themes and topics over the course of an interactive, thought provoking day. 


Easter is the most important festival celebrated by Christians festivals and our mixture of Easter trails and workshops help pupils to develop a deeper understanding of why this is the case. Suitable for Keys Stages 1, 2 and 3, each activity uses the Cathedral building and appropriate artefacts to bring the festivals of Lent and Easter to life. (Also available as an Outreach session) 

Year 6 Pilgrimage & Transition Days

Our Year 6 Pilgrimage & Transition Days, which take place every year in June and July. These days give pupils making the transition from Primary to Secondary school the perfect opportunity to reflect on their educational journey so far, as well as looking ahead to what the future holds. Following the route of pilgrims through the ages, the pupils will walk from the site of Roman Verulamium to the Cathedral, learning the story of St Alban as they go, before finishing their journey at the Shrine. They will then take part in a reflective workshop before completing their day with a fun filled Silent Disco!

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Thank you for providing such a great opportunity for our children today. They learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed their morning. 

- Leverstock Green

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