Roman Arts and Crafts

We welcome children and families to try some free Roman themed arts and crafts activities around the Cathedral! Read more

Open Church - St Michael's Church

St Michael’s Church, open daily, is an ancient place of prayer and pilgrimage - built on the site of the headquarters of Roman Verulamium and probable site of the trial of St Alban. Read more

The Roman Theatre of Verulamium

Come along and see St Albans unique Roman Theatre - A piece of Roman history right on your doorstep! Read more

Roman Events at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

Come along to the Fighting Cocks this summer for some Roman themed events! Read more

Welcoming Pilgrims from London

Greet the walkers from their 3 day Pilgrimage! Read more

The Passion of Alban and Livia

Witness the legend of Alban come to life in a new play presenting the events around the death of Saint Alban. Taking place at the historic Roman Theatre of Verulamium, evening performances will be introduced by Pete the Temp, performance poet. Read more

St Albans Parkrun Roman Dress-up Special

Take part in St Albans Parkrun, on St Albans Day, for a Roman-themed dress-up special! Read more

Roman Dressing Up

Climb to the top of the Clock Tower where the whole family can dress up as Roman Soldiers, complete with tunics, breastplates, helmets and swords! Read more

The Alban Pilgrimage

Join us for the Alban Pilgrimage - a magnificent procession organised by St Albans Cathedral, to celebrate St Alban, Britain's first saint. Read more

Alban Fest!

Taking place on St Albans Day, and a part of St Albans Roman Festival, Alban Fest welcomes all to an afternoon full of free Roman-themed entertainment! Read more

Hypocaust in the Park

Visit the Hypocaust and mosaic floor on show in Verulamium Park Read more