This past weekend the Cathedral Girls Choir made a short visit to Hildesheim, Germany. Hildesheim Cathedral library is home to the renowned illuminated St Albans Psalter, made in St Albans Abbey in the 12th century.

In 2015 St Albans Cathedral Choir (boys and men) visited to take part in the 1200th anniversary of Hildesheim Diocese, and the girls were pleased to continue the important link.

The Cathedral Girls Choir sang Trinity Sunday mass at Hildesheim Cathedral as well as concerts in the historic St Michael’s Church (which is also part of the UNESCO inscription) and at St Clemens Basilica in Hanover.

Tom Winpenny, Director of the Cathedral Girls Choir, said ‘the choristers had a very memorable experience, singing brilliantly in each church and enjoying some wonderful hospitality. Very many thanks to all those who have supported the tour fundraising over the past year.’