In the recent TV series, The Romantics And Us, William Blake was presented by Simon Schama as a passionate revolutionary, whose word and images are as dangerous as potentially liberating. This is a familiar take on Blake’s genius, and something of a caricature because he has something far more substantial and lasting to say. 

In this introductory talk, Mark Vernon will explore Blake as an important thinker, as well as brilliant creative, whose time might well be now. He argued that the imagination is the key human faculty for knowing what he called fourfold vision, which offers a path to life in all its fullness. But he knew it needed cultivating, training, discerning.

Blake’s poetry and images can become part of such a training, as Mark Vernon will explore during this evening. He will also describe the schema of Ulro, Generation, Beulah and Eden-Eternity, which can become a guide to help understand our own states of mind, as well as offering a path to spiritual freedom.

Speaker: Mark Vernon, Writer & Psychotherapist

Date & Time: Tuesday 20th October, 7-8.30pm. Participants will be able to join the event from 6.30pm 

Price: £10 (students £6)

Venue: Online via Zoom 

As this talk will be hosted over Zoom, participants will need access to a computer/laptop/tablet/phone which has audio in order to be able to hear. You can also join by dialling in using a telephone, but won't be able to see the speaker or any visual aids. 

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