An opportunity to revisit and revise your New Testament Greek in a study day for students who have studied the language before to post-beginners’ level, or those who studied it a long time ago and want a refresher. This may be particularly relevant to those who have taken our NT Greek summer schools, our NT Greek 2 course, or those wishing to work towards joining the NT Greek Reading Group.

This day will endeavour to review and consolidate content from chapters 1-12 of Duff's Elements of New Testament Greek, beginning from the very basics and swiftly working our way up. The grammar covered should include: nouns (declension 1 + 2, all cases, all genders); prepositions; adjectives (αγαθος, πολυς, μεγας); pronouns (αὐτος; ἐκεινος + οὑτος; ἐγω, ἡμεις; συ, ὑμεις); relative pronouns;  verbs: -ω and -εω (present, future, imperfect and aorist tenses); infinitives + imperatives (present + aorist); direct and indirect statements, and anything else we can fit in!

Tutor: Anthony Armstrong, Tutor in Greek and Latin

Date and time: Saturday 25 January, 10.30am-3.30pm

Price: £25

Venue: Alban Room, Chapter House, St Albans Cathedral

Entry is via the Welcome Centre. Please note that this event takes place on Level 1 of the Chapter House. Step-free access is available via a lift.

No parking is available at the Cathedral. If you require a space for access reasons, please email us in advance.