This talk is the second of a series of three that will trace the development and stylistic characteristics of Western Art.

After the decline and collapse of the Roman Empire in the West, the Medieval period (6th-15th centuries) developed the artistic heritage of Late Antiquity, through the dominance of the iconographic style of the Christian Church. The Byzantine, from the surviving part of the Roman empire, and the so-called 'barbarian' artistic cultures in Northern Europe, mixed and borrowed to develop a new legacy for Western Art. Then, in the fifteenth century, beginning in Italy and spreading across Europe, the medieval styles merged into the phenomenon known as the Renaissance: when the subject matter and forms of the classical world were rediscovered, leading Europe to the modern era.

The final talk, next autumn, will look at the 'isms', starting with Mannerism and finally reaching present-day Contemporary Art.  

Speaker: Professor Tim Boatswain, Professor of Anthropology and History 

Date and time: Thursday 20 May, 7.30 - 9pm (Participants will be able to join the event from 7.15pm)

Price: £10 (£6 students)

Venue: Online via Zoom.

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The speaker's fee will be going towards the work of Conservation 50

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