The world has been through an extraordinary period of suffering and loss, with everyday life being turned upside down. ‘The Leaves of the Trees’ installation will allow visitors to consider the past periods of lockdown and isolation and provide a focal point for their thoughts and personal reflections.


Made up of 5,000 steel leaves, the installation will create the impression of autumn leaves fallen from the trees, symbolising the past but also the hope for the future. The steel leaves have toured around the country, and just as they do in nature, they have aged, rusted, and changed colours as part of the cycle of life that leads to spring and new growth.

About the Artist

Peter Walker, is a sculptor and fine artist who has worked professionally for over 20 years in the development of public art, monumental bronze and other materials, fine and installation artwork.

Peter also creates large scale installation artworks and Son et Lumiere as the artistic director of Luxmuralis, creators of Poppy Fields and Space Voyage, experienced by over 20,000 visitors at St Albans Cathedral in 2018 and 2019.

The Lifting Light exhibition is kindly supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.