Join the Revd Canon Dr Tim Bull as he delves into the fascinating yet increasingly complex world of Artificial Intelligence (A.I). This talk will consider some of the practical, ethical and theological questions raised by A.I and will attempt to formulate an appropriate faith response to such questions. 

Whether we realise it or not, Artificial Intelligence touches all our lives. From car number plate recognition systems in supermarket carparks, to built-in smartphone voice assistants, A.I is becoming an increasingly important aspect of everyday life. Despite its numerous benefits though, there are growing concerns about the technology's impact on some of the fundamental components of what it means to be human. 

On Monday 21st March, 7.30-9pm, Tim Bull will discuss some of these concerns, exploring issues such as A.I's capacity for human emotion; A.I's ability to worship God; and the level of trust we as human beings place in A.I's capabilities. Also in line for discussion are the questions raised by A.I about what it means to be a human being made in the image of God. This talk promises to deliver an accessible and fascinating insight into a subject highly topical for our times. 

This talk will be held online via Zoom. If you'd like to attend the event but are not free to join us live, please do buy a ticket and you'll receive a link to the recording.

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About The Revd Canon Dr Tim Bull

Before his ordination, Tim worked as a chartered software engineer, completed a PhD in computer science, and lectured in the Computer Science Department at Durham University. He is currently a residentiary canon at St Albans Cathedral and works for the St Albans Diocese as part of the Mission and Ministry Department. He has a particular interest in how faith relates to issues in science and technology. We are delighted that Tim has agreed to deliver this special talk for us. 

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