I want the glass wings to be a symbol of unity a strength and a focus for people of all faiths and none to reflect on the past year. - Layne Rowe, artist

People have been coming to the Cathedral seeking quiet reflection and relief for centuries and the installation of these glass wings will bring a new way of helping visitors and worshippers remember loved ones and contemplate all that has happened over the past year. Designed as a reflective memorial to the pandemic, the installation is made up of 160 individually blown glass feathers. Each feather will then be hung from the bones of the wings, forged in iron by Ryan Harms.

The Solace installation will be on display in the Cathedral until Wednesday 26 May. Admission to the Cathedral is free and full Covid-19 safety precautions will be in place.

Due to the nature of the materials involved, visitors are asked not to touch the installation.

Image: A smaller scale set of glass wings (c) Layne Rowe