We are delighted to be bringing back our special Science Festival for upper Key Stage 2 pupils. 

Using the amazing Cathedral building as our science lab, we are also delighted to announce that we will be joined by the team from Mad Science for the day too. 

What does the day include? 

The Science Festival will start with a 40 minute introductory science show, before children move to a carousel of three different workshops, each lasting up to 50 minutes. Topics include:

Light: In the workshop, the children will explore diffraction, absorption and reflection of light. They will also have the chance to experiment with UV lights, white light and laser light, as well as discovering all about the Electromagnetic Spectrum.   

Forces and Gravity: In the workshop, the children will learn about the effects of gravity and air resistance. They will be able to explain how unsupported objects fall to earth, before testing the affects of air resistance by making parachutes for teddy bears ready to be thrown from the inside of the Cathedral tower! 

Materials: In the workshop, children will explore reversible and irreversible changes, before creating their own butter and slime. 

When:    6th and 7th March 2024

Time:      10am to 2.30pm 

Cost:       £9 per pupil 

**Both days are now fully booked. Please do get in touch if you are interested in future events**

The location was terrific and so extraordinary. It was wonderful to bring the children into the Abbey for a completely different purpose and inspire them with their surroundings.  (Feedback from Spring 2022) 


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