In the early evening of 10 October 1323, part of the nave of St Albans Abbey collapsed. The contemporary account describes a gradual process; first one pier on the south side failed, followed an hour or so later by a second pier. Deprived of support at more than one point, the upper wall then fell outwards, flattening the north walk of the cloister, while the middle trusses of the nave roof plummeted, smashing the shrine of Saint Amphibalus. This talk examines the response to this disaster, and the decision that was taken to repair no more than was necessary, leaving St Albans with one of the most varied naves in European medieval architecture.

When | Wednesday 14 June 2023, 7.30-c.9pm

Where | St Albans Cathedral

Cost | £10 (£6 students)

Speaker | John McNeilFAC, St Albans Cathedral  

Please note this event is in-person only and will not be recorded.

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Please note that this event is not being recorded.