This is a study group for those with intermediate Latin who want to read texts together. For the summer term, the group will be reading Book 1 of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy.

Translated by Alfred the Great, Chaucer and Queen Elizabeth I, Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy was hugely influential on the Western Canon. C. S. Lewis wrote in The Discarded Image that ‘for centuries [it was] one of the most influential books ever written in Latin.’ We shall read, in the original Latin, Book I of that work, which sees Boethius, awaiting execution for conspiring against the government of the day, composing poetry in his cell and contemplating his fate. A mysterious, other-worldly woman enters and questions the scholar about his condition. That visitor is Philosophy herself, and so the famous dialogue begins.

When | Thurs 21 July

Time | 6-c.7pm

Tutor | Anthony Armstrong, Tutor of Latin 

Venue | Library, St Albans Cathedral (2nd floor Chapter House, enter through the Welcome Centre)

Cost | £10 per session