Historians like to box up the past into neat categories.

However, they often find themselves in disagreement about where the lines should be drawn between one period and the next. Increasingly, they are also aware of the continuity of influences stretching across their arbitrary boundaries.

This evening will explore these patterns while thinking about the ‘end’ of the ‘Middle Ages’. We will question some of the seminal dates often cited for marking this division in British, European, and global history. We will learn how the idea of a ‘Middle Ages’ was a pejorative notion of Renaissance humanism enthusiastically adopted by Protestant reformers. We will explore some enduring values and beliefs that crossed the cataclysmic fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. 

Tutor: The Rev'd Dr Kenneth Padley, Tutor in Church History

Venue: Online via Zoom

Price: £10 (students £6)

Date and time: Wednesday 15 July, 7.30-9pm. Participants may join the talk from 7pm. 

As this talk will be hosted over Zoom, participants will need access to a computer/laptop/tablet/phone which has audio in order to be able to hear. You can also join by dialling in using a telephone, but won't be able to see the speaker or any visual aids. 

Instructions for signing up and joining the talk will be sent via email between 5-5.30pm on the day of the event. If you have not received these details by 5.30pm, please call 01727 890205. Please ensure that you provide a current email address when you book. 

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