Catholic Social Teaching has been described as the Catholic Church’s best kept secret.

This session is an introduction to the riches of Catholic social thought so that it might be a little less hidden and a lot more lived out. Each of the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching will be explored: the dignity of the human person; the common good; solidarity; and subsidiarity. We will also explore two concepts which have entered Catholic Social Teaching through the influence of Liberation Theology: social sin and the preferential option for the poor. Finally we’ll explore what it might look like to put these principles into action.

Tutor: The Rev’d Simon Cuff, Tutor in Theology, St Mellitus College

Price: £10

Venue: Chapter Room, The Deanery

Enter through Sumpter Yard, follow the road down a slope to the left, and then follow it to the right onto a gravel car park. Entry is via the door from this gravel car park.