This talk will explore five big ideas about creation from Psalm 104 and how these relate to our current environmental crisis. It will challenge us to action to bring justice, peace and healing throughout the world.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Hilary Marlow to St Albans Cathedral on Tuesday 23 November. During evensong at 5pm Hilary will be installed as Honorary Canon Environmentalist.  Following this she will be hosting her inaugural lecture at 7pm which will be the first of a series of environmental talks. 

In the context of ever-worsening environmental degradation across the world, scientists as well as religious leaders increasingly recognise the role of moral and spiritual values in motivating people’s behaviour, and have drawn attention to the role of religion in moderating and transforming community attitudes towards nature. However, the Western Christian tradition has come under criticism for legitimising the exploitative use of earth’s resources, based on an exclusive focus on Genesis 1 and misleading interpretations of it. This lecture series will reflect on ways in which the Bible can support a robust environmental theology and call to action.

This first talk will explore Psalm 104 (‘the ecologist’s Psalm’) and discuss five big ideas about creation arising from it and their implications for our contemporary environmental context. These include God’s purposes for creation, humanity’s role within creation and biblical injunctions against hubris and injustice. We will consider how Psalm 104 encourages us to reflect on our own transience and to consider the consequences when we damage, oppress and exploit other parts of God creation. This Psalm also invites us to appreciate the physical world as God’s glory made visible, and to lift our voices in praise and fight for justice, peace and healing throughout the world.

This event is taking place in the Alban Room at St Albans Cathedral and online via Zoom. If you’d like to attend the talk but are not free to join us live, please do buy a ticket and you’ll receive a link to the recording on the day.   

About Hilary Marlow

Hilary is a Biblical Scholar who researches and writes on the Bible and environmental ethics. She is Vice-Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge and teaches Old Testament in the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.

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