A heresy is a theological doctrine or system rejected as false by ecclesiastical authority.

Although the Greek word αίρέσίς (heresy) was originally a neutral term that merely indicated the holding of a particular set of philosophical opinions, in early Christianity, the label heresy began to convey a note of disapproval and then sin, which required extreme punishment. This module will examine the origins and development of heresy from its earliest manifestations as Christianity teases out its doctrines and becomes institutionalised, through the centuries when it manifests as ideas and movements with revolutionary and unorthodox ideas, challenging the organised Church.

This course can be taken as part of the Certificate in Theology, or Certificate in Theology Plus

Tutor: Professor Tim Boatswain, Professor of Anthropology & History

Price: £60

Dates and time:  Tuesdays 2nd to 30th June, 8.00 to 9.45pm 

Venue:  This course will be taking place online via Zoom. 

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