We regret to announce that, because of severe problems on the London North Eastern Railway which have cancelled all trains coming south of York today, Prof David Wilkinson is unable to join us tonight. We are therefore postponing this talk until the autumn term, and will announce a new date as soon as possible. 

We apologise for the inconvenience of this, and assure you that we and Prof Wilkinson have tried all that we can to overcome LNER's delays and find an alternative. We will be making it a priority to set a new date and reschedule the event. 

Thank you for you patience. 

The ‘celebrity scientists’ such as Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins have tended to present a conflict model of science and faith. 

Yet in movies there is much more openness in the way the imagination explores science and God.  In this lecture Professor David Wilkinson reflects on the current situation of science and faith and suggests ways forward for education, apologetics and Christian mission.

Tutor:  The Rev’d Prof David Wilkinson, Canon Scientist

Venue: Alban Room, St Albans Cathedral

Price: £6


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