Leave the beholdyng of a wrech that it was schewde to, and myghtely, wysely and mekely behold god… he shall … make you to take it more ghostely and more sweetly then I can or may tell it.

Fourteenth-century mystic Julian of Norwich has become a source of inspiration for seekers of intelligent, grounded, actively loving spirituality.  In her writing she steadfastly avoids taking on the mantle either of a teacher with objective knowledge to impart, or of a mystic whose experience is beyond the rest of us.  She simply invites her readers to participate directly in a transformative encounter with her revelations.  This talk will propose that the transformation she invites us to share is precisely that which is needed if we are to address our contemporary ecological crisis.

Speaker: Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert, Director of the Westminster Abbey Institute

Date and Time: Tuesday 6 October, 7.30-9pm. Participants will be able to join the event from 7pm.

Price: £10 (students £6)

Venue: Online via Zoom  

As this talk will be hosted over Zoom, participants will need access to a computer/laptop/tablet/phone which has audio in order to be able to hear. You can also join by dialling in using a telephone, but won't be able to see the speaker or any visual aids. 

Instructions for signing up and joining the talk will be sent via email between 5-5.30pm on the day of the event. If you have not received these details by 5.30pm, please call 01727 890205. Please ensure that you provide a current email address when you book. 

You can book online here, or call the Box Office on 01727 890290. Tickets will be on sale until 5pm on the day of the event.

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