If you find it hard to find time in the evenings or can’t make it out at night, but still wish to enjoy some of our language courses on offer here, then why not take a look at our new Latin course for beginners?

This 5-week course will help beginners learn tools for accessing Latin. Students will learn the basics of Latin grammar and a little vocabulary, and will learn to read simple sentences.

This course has been rescheduled from Spring to Autumn due to Coronavirus measures. 

Tutor:  Clare Harvey, Tutor in Latin

Price: £60

Dates and time: Mondays 21 September - 19 October, 1.15-2.45pm

Venue: Thicknesse Room, The Deanery (entry via Deanery Reception)

No parking is available at the Cathedral. If you require a space for access reasons, please email us in advance.