The Book of Revelation, also called simply “the Apocalypse”, at once intrigues and intimidates its readers. This is especially due to its self-presentation as a prophetic vision, its highly allusive language, and its mysterious talk of the “end things”.

Unlike anything else in the New Testament, it is fair to say that this book’s interpretation has been marked by more confusion and controversy than any other in the Bible. This course aims to help readers break through the fog and come to see the enduringly relevant message the Book of Revelation has to offer. We will dispel common misconceptions, situate the book in its historical context, and acquire knowledge and skills to read with greater literary and theological sophistication, so that by the end of the five weeks each of us will have a deepened personal appreciation of the Apocalypse as Christian Scripture.

This course can be taken as part of the Certificate in Theology

When | Tuesday evenings (10 January - 7 February 2023 ), 7.30-c.9.15pm

Where | Online via Zoom 

Cost | £70 

Tutor | Alex Rowe, Tutor in Theology

Course information and Zoom details will be sent out prior to the course starting. If you have any questions please email [email protected]


Image: John of Patmos watches the descent of New Jerusalem from God in a 14th-century tapestry, Octave 444