A 5-week course which will help students to strengthen and develop their knowledge of the Latin language. 

Latin was the language of learning in Europe for nearly two thousand years. It still holds the key to many historic documents, inscriptions and mottos. Moreover, it provides the root for so much of the vocabulary of English, French, Italian and Spanish (amongst others).

Based on Classical myths and the ever-popular Cambridge Latin Course, this 5-week course will enable students to explore noun cases and verb tenses, read mythical stories aloud in Latin, and also paint a picture of what life was like in a Roman town just before the eruption of Pompeii in 79AD. 

Whilst this course follows on from the Beginners Latin course which took place in the Spring term, beginners are still welcome to join and our tutor, Clare Harvey, is happy to provide some preparatory resources in advance. Please email [email protected] for more information.  

When | 19 September - 17 October (Monday), 7.30 - c.9pm

Where | Alban Room, St Albans Cathedral 

Cost | £60 

Tutor | Clare Harvey, teacher of Latin and Classical Civilisation 

*Please note spaces for this course are limited so make sure to book early*