Have you ever wanted to learn Latin? This 5-week course with local Latin tutor Clare Harvey will introduce you to the language and give you the basic skills needed to read and translate original texts. 

Tutor: Clare Harvey, Latin Tutor

Level: Beginners 

Dates and time: Monday evenings 9 September - 7 October , 7.30pm - c.9.pm   

Cost: £75

Venue: St Albans Cathedral, Alban Room (Chapter House)

The Latin language provides the origins of so many modern-day words and concepts. For millennia it was the language of the educated in Europe and it still holds the key to many historic documents, inscriptions and mottos. In this beginners' course, you will be introduced to the language whilst also gaining an understanding of what life was like in a Roman town. 

The course will be based on the ever-popular Cambridge Latin Course with stories set in Pompeii just before the eruption of 79AD. 

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

About Clare Harvey

Dr Clare Harvey is an experienced teacher of Latin and Classical Civilisation and has taught various Latin courses from GCSE level through to advanced adult courses. Clare has previously led Latin courses for us here at St Albans and we are delighted to welcome her back.