Building on our Intermediate Latin course, this five-week course will cover Demonstrative Pronouns (hic, ille, is); Relative Pronouns (qui, quae, quod); expressions of time; present participles, as well as a dollop of revision of intermediate grammar (passives of all tenses; adjectives: positive, comparative + superlative). There will also be opportunities to translate portions of un-adapted Latin. It is suitable for those who have taken the Intermediate Latin courses, for those hoping to join our Latin Reading Group, and for those who have learned some Latin elsewhere or studied it a long time ago! Please ask if you are unsure.

Tutor: Anthony Armstrong, Tutor in Latin and Greek

Price: £60

Dates: Thursdays 16 January - 13 February 

Time: 8-9.45pm

Venue: Library, Chapter House, St Albans Cathedral

Entry is via the Welcome Centre (Sumpter Yard). Please note that this event takes place on Level 2 of the Chapter House, and that step-free access is available via a lift.